Cultural Diabetes Number 5

Welcome to the fifth edition of Cultural Diabetes where we will be playing the usual mix of punk rock goodness, this time with an added twist of Devo deliciousness in honour of guitarist Bob Casales who passed away this week. Coming up on this weeks show we have….

The Proletariat – Options

Crucifucks – Cops for fertilizer

Litmus Green – H.A.N.K

Adrenaline O.D – Yuppies

Riistytet – No Pasaran

Asbestos – Born to kill

Corrupted morals – Be all you can be

Big Black – Pigeon kill

Born against – Well fed fuck

Black Flag – Wound up

D.F.L – Home is where the heart is

Agent Orange – No such thing

Gorilla Biscuits – No reason why

Stomach – Wasted

Section 4 -Night in the cells

Runnin’ Riot – Victimisation

Dr. Shitface – Air hockey queen

X – Because I do

Flipper  – You naught me

Devo – Gates of Steel, Coalmine, Booji boy’s funeral

Thanks again for your continued support and as usual we can be contacted through the links below..

Enjoy! – B.A and Heather

Cultural Diabetes
Playing music really like which consists of Punk, Crust, Hardcore, Anarcho-punk,Ska and Eclectic Hosted by Heather and B.A Any requests, suggestions welcome