Cultural Diabetes Number 8

Welcome to the eighth edition of Cultural Diabetes, where we will be playing our usual mix of  punk, hardcore punk and related musics. Coming up on this weeks show we have….


Bleeding Rectum – Countdown

Agent Orange – A cry for help in a world gone mad

Birth Deformities – Hate group

The Proletariat – Religion is the opium of the masses

Full of Hate – Losing your mind

Wretched – Non Ingannarti

Kaaos – Kohti tahoa

Bastards – Salvation

Reagan Youth – Are you happy?

Deathrats – Sense of entitlement

Yacøpsæ – Decadenz

Anti-Pasti – No government

Negative Trend – People are sick

Joykiller – Sanity

Declino – Come une promessa

Coloured Rice Men – Student lobotomy

Negazione – Niente

Kriegshog – Extinction

Striknien D.C – Circus

Toxic Waste – Religious leader

NoFx – It’s my job to keep punk rock elite

The Beat – Can’t get used to losing you


Thanks again for your support, and as usual we can be contacted through the links below…

Enjoy! – B.A and Heather

Cultural Diabetes
Playing music really like which consists of Punk, Crust, Hardcore, Anarcho-punk,Ska and Eclectic Hosted by Heather and B.A Any requests, suggestions welcome