Easy Snappin’ 15 – Cold Shnappin’

[[Derrick Morgan]]- Easy Snapping
[[Seosamh O Héanaí]] – Cunla
The Harrin’s Heids- Isla Cameron, Bob Davenport, Jack Armstrong, The Rakes
[[Shirley Ellis]] – The Clapping song
Potentz feat. Solo Banton- Mission (mic check)
Rappa Robert and Jim Brown – Pirates Anthem
[[Macka B]] – Old Fashioned
[[Rudimentary Peni]]- Zenophobia
[[Post Regiment]]- Znów
Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars – Big Fat Dog
[[London Posse]]- How’s Life in London
[[Kid Congo]] and The Pink Monkey Birds- Our Other World
Captain Moonlight – Shake Your Fist
Derv and the Gang- Parish Priest
Doctor Ring Ding- Dancin’ with the Fat Man’s Lady

Spot the continuity error 🙂