Easy Snappin’ 19- Prime Time Rhyme

Well there was so much good music to put in this week that’s there was no room for chat.. Old tunes from the vinyl vaults and brand new tunes from; Costello and G.I. (from their new album MaryJane which is launched tomorrow night Wednesday 27th Feb in the Twisted Pepper), Koncrete Roots aka. Thomas Kenney from Derby and a tune from the new Public Enemy album ‘The Evil Empire of Everything’.. I’m off on holidays for the next few weeks so catch ye then!

  • [[The Last Poets]]- E Pluribus Nimbum (’73)
  • [[Benjamin Zephaniah]]- Dis Policeman keeps kicking me to Death (’83)
  • [[Silent Poets]]- Children of the Future (Turnpike Blues Mix) (’95)
  • [[Marxman]]- Whassinit? for the cynic (new orleans voodoo remix) (’96)
  • [[Credit to the Nation]]- Call it what you Want- One Little Indian (’93)
  • Relevance feat Exile Eye- Split Semantics – All City Records (’03)
  • Costello- Mary – Workin Class Records (2013)
  • The Brotherhood- Punk Funk (’96)
  • Captain Moonlight- Trippin’ Through My Dreams -All City Records (’03)
  • Ghetto Priest feat. Rira & Junior Delgado- Show Them (’03)
  • Thomas Kenney aka Koncrete Roots- Welcome to Britain (2013)
  • [[Swamp Dogg]]- Shut Your Mouth (’89)
  • [[Public Enemy]] – Say It Like It Really Is (2013)