Easy Snappin’ 26

This week’s show starts with a load of blues and then I went with some good ole ska, recorded straight through, no edits and a very rushed last few seconds! That’s Roscoe Gordon there in the picture..

  • Bull Moose Jackson- I want a Bow Legged Woman
  • Sonny Boy Willamson- Polly Put the Kettle On
  • Georgie Fame and Alan Price- The Dole Song
  • JB Lenoir- I Feel So Good
  • Roscoe Gordon- Cheese and Crackers
  • John Lee Hooker- I Don’t Want No Woman if her hair ain’t no longer than mine
  • Jimmie Rodgers- High Powered Mama
  • Lee Hazlewood- Ugly Brown
  • Rico Rodriguez and the Jungle Roots Band- Danny Boy
  • Pogues- Bastard Landlord
  • Prince Buster- Hard Man fi Dead
  • Spithead- Jesus Wants me for a Sunbeam
  • Bounty Killer and Morgan Heritage- Guns in the Ghetto
  • Desmond Dekker- 007
  • Pannonia Ska All Stars- All Night Long
  • ?- The Pink Panther
  • Adam Ant- Shakin’ all over