Easy Snappin’ 51- Midnight Special

This week’s show, simply lots of lovely vinyl sounds including:

  • Krs One- Slap them up
  • Kool keith- We Slide We Fly
  • Rodney P- Nice up
  • Big Daddy Kane feat Biz Markie- Just Rhymin’ with the Biz
  • Asher Senator- Abbreviation Qualification
  • Supercat- Thrash and Ready
  • The Beat- Jackpot
  • Captain Moonlight- I’m not Dancing
  • The Delegators- Be Good to Me
  • Dave Hillyard and the Rocksteady 7- I can see clearly now
  • Shenley Duffus- lonely boy
  • Slim Smith- My Conversation
  • T Beckford-Bajan girl
  • Hollie Cook and Horseman- For me you are
  • Otis redding- fa fa fa (sad song)

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