Easy Snappin’ Episode 9

Micheal o Muircheartaigh- Nothing Compares 2 U


Soom T-Survivor

Bad Boys – Veronica

Mo- T- Shut Your Mouth

Costello- Illosophical (Featuring William Lee)

Public Enemy-How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People who Sold their Soul

Alpha Blondy-Apartheid is Nazism

Michael Rose-Guess Who’s Coming to dinner

Slim Smith & the Uniques – (The love i saw in you was) Just a Mirage

Rudy Mills – John Jones

Clarence Frogman Henry- Ain’t got no Home

Hasil Adkins – She said

Anne Briggs- Sullivan’s john

Balogh Mária and Ternipe Együttes – Muri Semo Gadzhi

Eric Morris – Oil in my Lamp

The Radiators from Space- Sunday World

Adam and the ants – 1977 demo – Beat My Guest

Negativland –  Dear Mary

Business- Smash the Discos

Snipers -East End Nightmare

Buzzcocks- Flat Pack Philosophy