Allo allo. Show 2 time for ENEMYRADIO. Tonight I’m on the front lines recording from the pub (Thomas House) as I deal with a leak and electrical problems. Pulling an all nighter to keep my eye on any issues that might arise.


I was asked during the week to record a show about the pub so a lot of this one is dedicated to that. I talk a little about Edward Snowden and the CIA scandal that the whole world is talking about and how it will probably wind up like a Bourne Identity movie.

I also play some music, all of which comes from bands beginning with “D” for some reason.

The Decemberists – We both go down together

Danzig – Her black wings

Dog Eat Dog – Who’s the king?

The Dropkick Murphys – Firestarter Karaoke

Hopefully the sound quality is a little better than last shows as I sunk a shit ton of money into a good microphone.

As always, comments are welcome and I’d love to hear of your ideas for future shows, so comment on here or hit me up at mahbrain@gmail.com

Thanks a million!