Freedom Fry hi-fi :African hitchhike

Nahj Al-Burda – Umm Khulthum (Egypt)

Eja toba fe je aiye e pe koma dubu oni – AlHadji Haruna Ishola and his apala group (Nigeria)

Tiwa (its our own) – Fela Kuti and Ginger Baker (Nigeria)

Jajouka black eyes- gimbri and vocal- Master Musicians of Jajouka (Morocco)

Brian Jones- Rhaitas- Master Musicians of Jajouka (Morocco)

Djoliba- Les Rythmes et Chants Sacres Des Ballets (Mali)

Eyamba-(Song with guitar in Lingala) -unknown ( Congo)

Soda – Kante Facelli (Guinea)

Anazo Eze Azo? – Oliver De Coque & his Expo 76 (Nigeria)

Free Education in Nigeria – Prince Nico Mbarga and Rocafil jazz (Nigeria)

Libanga na Libumu partie 1/2 – Bavon Marie Marie (Congo)

Dogbo Zo N’Wene -Armand Pascal Lido  &L’Ivoiro Star (Ivory Coast)

Camara Mousso – Bembeya Jazz National (Republique de Guinee)

Mol Kadd Tewela – Mohammed Taha & his Pyramids ( Egypt)

Ahdetli Warda – Anissa Zouina & the Toraia Orchestra of Algiers

Various Dances and Chants (recorded live in the Sahara) – Mohamed Bella and group

Sahara City – Mohamed Abdel Wahal (Egypt)

Solo Jump -Specks Rampura (South Africa)

Kwela Joe – Specks Rampura (South Africa)

Here is a two hour show of Music recorded on the continent of Africa between the early 50s’ and the late 70’s, sorry but no DJ chatter here, due to technical issuea I had to retake the show and have now been struck down and have lost my voice.