Freedom Fry Hi Fi: How Deep is Your Love

This is my fund driving episode, putting it right out there, if you like what we do please donate to support the running of the station, right now we are funded principally by DJ subscriptions, So I am placing a virtual cap in front of you listeners. If you can afford to kick in any amount please do.











A message to pretty –  love

Spock – McKendree Spring

Trash – Duane Eddy and the Rebels

Jack in the Box – Aldo Ciccolini (Erik Satie)

warm up, canon and peace (for inharmonic side band) – john Pfeiffer

Hall of Mirrors – Kraftwerk

the monster pursues – Louis and Bebe Barron

sea of mercury – dick mills

I can’t escape from you – Hank Williams

Ramajana – Muharem Serbezovski

The Ritual -Les Baxter

Lonesome finds me – Lloyd Arnold