freedom fry hi-fi: brimful

this week a big rockin’ mix of  R&B, Soul and Sleaze all taken from a big stack of 45rpm discs

the beat – rockin’ R’S

save a little monkey – the corsairs

hard times – noble “thin man” watts and his rhythm sparks

ritual blues – reg owen and his orchestra

slow down – larry Williams

jungle hop – don and dewey

twitchy – rene hall orchestra with willie joe and his unitar

suki yaki rocki – the quarter notes

do the clam – elvis Presley

smokie joes la-la -googie rene

Geronimo stomp -barry darvell

jet tone boogie – jet tones

bloopers morse code – the bloopers

mr.lee – the bobettes

purple stew – Thurston harris

the pigmy, part 1 – the delegates

the rut – the innocents

tall cool one – the wailers

sorry last track had a locked  groove so I binned it.