freedom fry hi/fi, ep 83

 this week the turntable is sick so its an hour of tunes taken from CD’s from all over, many genres, many styles jammed into the next 60 minutes

love – margo guryan

ya binaya goumi – biwan

contemplation- between

hicaz taksim – ercumend bataney

Azda – Franco

refran pelencho – modesto rodriquez

only foreigners – the growler

we love you – guy pederson

instrumental piece vii – carl orff

green brooms – art o’keefe

rabab and voices – djakarta

lucky lou – the imperials

scotch on the rocks – the shadows

I wear my slanders – the gaylads

nabala muluba – Camille feruzi

pretty looks isn’t all – the heptones

allons a tassone – dennis mcgee

salty dog – kokomo arnold

one night – smiley lewis

hide if you want to hide – the cedars

broadminded – louvin brothers