• Radioactive International is a collective of like-minded people who are passionate about their music, art and politics. We are a free-form radio station with no set formats, playlists or genres. We have nearly 40 DJs playing a varied mixture of alternative music from punk, metal, ska, reggae and historical recordings. Our main rule? No fascists, racists, sexists, homophobes or religious presenters. We broadcast online, but also transmit live from gigs and festivals. Expect to hear about lefty music, politics and art. A motto of the station is that we’re not here to break the law with an illegal radio station just to play bland pop music available on many of the state and corporate stations.
  • Skatepunk

    Scratches & Needles

    Episode 1. Punk/Indie/Rock/Funk/Dub/Electronic/Folk etc… Tracklist – The Nils – Scratches & Needles / Husker Du – It’s Not Funny Anymore / Milk – The Knife Song / Therapy? – Prison Breaker (Peel Session) / Idles […]

    May, 12

    Hoist the Colours GGI

    Hoist the Colours Skateboard Punk from Hoist the Colours, live at the GGI Festival in Ballina, June 2013

    Sep, 19

    Hoist The Colours Interview GGI

    Hoist The Colours Interview Nathalie talks to the guys from Hoist the Colours from Groningen at the GGI Festival

    Sep, 17

    Whatever You’re Havin’ #110 – all systems go

    Pressure’s On – All Systems Go Boychucker – All Systems Go Maybelline – Paint as a Fragrance Ditch Digger – Circa: Now! Pushed – Hot Charity My Arrow’s Aim – Hot Charity Ratsize – State […]

    Oct, 25

    Whatever You’re Havin’ #49 – Milo goes to Birmingham

    Everything Sucks – Descendents I’m Not a Loser – Descendents Coffee Mug – Descendents Parents – Descendents The Kebab King – Hot Colossus She Loves Me – Descendents I’m Not a Punk – Descendents Kabuki Girl – Descendents Suburban Home – Descendents Thank You – Descendents Horror Business – Superchunk […]

    Jul, 29

    Mixtape Of The Masses – Ships Edition

    Mar, 24

    Whatever You’re Havin’ #46 – no, you really had to be there, Irish indie 1990′s

    Slow – The Idiots Little Meaner – Pet Lamb Mine – Flexihead Meat Abstract – Therapy? Your Fantasy – Jam Jar Jail Is This thing On? – Jackbeast Alfred Hitch Hiker – Crossbreed Out of […]

    Nov, 12


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