Whatever You’re Havin’ #110 – all systems go

Pressure’s On – All Systems Go

Boychucker – All Systems Go

Maybelline – Paint as a Fragrance

Ditch Digger – Circa: Now!

Pushed – Hot Charity

My Arrow’s Aim – Hot Charity

Ratsize – State of the Art is on Fire

Sturdy Wrists – Circa: Now!

On a Rope – Scream, Dracula Scream

Drop Out – Scream, Dracula Scream

Tarzan – All Systems Go 2

I Drink Blood – All Systems Go 2

Young Livers – Scream, Dracula Scream

When in Rome – All Systems Go 3

Dick on a Dog – RFTC

Straight American Slave – Group Sounds

Carne Voodoo – Group Sounds

Heart of a Rat – Group Sounds

Waste It – Cut Carefully and Play Loud

Blood Robot – Cut Carefully and Play Loud

I Wanna Know What I Wanna Know – Live From Camp X-Ray

Get Down – Live From Camp X-Ray