GOTW Plague Tapes #98

Sunday  20th June  2021 – 18.30

Plague Tapes #98

We have some readings from the book of punk, DIY, and knowing that there is no authority over you’re life – you get to make your own mistakes and mark it down to experience.  We also have an unexpected Bowie mix, and go into some – that man can’t put nothing on me – mix near the end.  



News: Andrew has been keeping up with all the information on Covid, and there is an inevitability about the arrival of the delta variant, as it has already arrived in the Northern Ireland, and it will arrive here, either before on on July 17th  In the UK, they went ahead with the pubs opening a month ago, May 17th, and a week later in NI they opened.  Meanwhile, in Ireland we appear to be doing well, but still plan on opening up indoor hsopitality on July the 5th.  Again, we have finally got the 5 day average down to 302 cases.  Now there appears to be pressure to get the vaccinations rolled out to cover the older co-horts with vaccination two from Astra Zeneca – prior to the July 5th date.  We ask why that date cannot be pushed back on ?  We appear to be awaiting a surge that will arrive with the more transmittable Delta arrives.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Richard Hell & The Voidoids —> Blank Generation   
  2. God Speed You Black Emperor ! —> Mladic
  3. Yo Lo Tengo —> Don’t Be Sad
  4. John Martyn  —> Dancing  
  5. David Bowie —> Let’s Dance 
  6. Helado Negro  —> Sound & Vision [Instrumental] 
  7. David Bowie  —> Love is lost [Hello Steve Reich remix by James Murphy]
  8. Curtis Mayfield  —> Nothing on Me
  9. The Jacksons —> Let me Show you the way to go

News at 72 mins  – see above for what’s covered

10. Depth Charge  –> Goal


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