GOTW Plague Tapes #110

Sunday  26th Sept.  18.00hrs  

Plague Tapes #110  Last one; Perhaps!

We had to exit sometime.  And here we are?  Creeping out of this pandemic and hoping that we don’t have to do another radio show.  I’ve been out and about, walking through Dublin town and seeing people again in public, so it feels like the emergence is on.  I’ve heard that the amazing Little Simz is coming over and doing a gig so I’d like to see some of you there.  We have a little bit of nostalgia for the rage exuded from Nirvana back in 1991 with Nevermind – 30 years ago.  I finish with a desire for us to seize this opportunity to change the way that we live / and how we operate. 


News: This may well be the last show.  It looks that way andAndrew say’s that we need to remain cautious – given what is going on in the UK, and the fact that our hospitalisation rate is not falling, but this could have something to do with hospital outbreaks.  But with 90% of all people – over the age of 12 – this means that we are relying on that impressive figure to protect us from the worst outcomes.  Andrew talks about this as a slow uncertainity – as we settle into a very plateaued figures since the start of July.  So maybe this is how it ends, and you don’t hear from us again.  We would hope that if we return it is with news of the resistance to how the world currently operates, as we build for a future which is a break from where we are now.  

Love & Rage,

May the resistance be fertile.

Dr. Groove 



  1. Little Simz >  Point and Kill  
  2. Little Simz —> Fear no man 
  3. Leon Vynehall —> Movements (Chapter III) 
  4. Kate Bush —> Cloud Busting  space 
  5. Colin Stetson —> The Lure of the Mine 
  6. Bongwater —> Kisses Sweeter than Wine 
  7. Nirvana —> Endless Nameless [Guitar Smash Edit]
  8. Nirvana —> Lithium 
  9. Nirvana —> All Apologies 
  10. Dubversive —> Theme from Dubversive 
  11. Paradox —> Illogical Messozoic [Reinfoced Records] 
  12. Tom Waits —> Everything Goes To Hell
  13. Suicide —> Dream baby Dream 


News at 75 mins  – see above for what’s covered

14. Stereo MC’s —> What is Soul Pt.1 [edit]



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