GOTW Plague Tapes # 117

Tuesday 7th  Dec.  19.15hrs 

Plague Tapes #117

Storm makes smitthreens of the gazebo and destoys the bins on rubbish day, so Dr. Groove locks himself in the studio and brings you over an hour of music, you can join him on his cloud.   That is the Love section, and then the news section, for the rage.  On the clooud there are some mellow tunes and then we go to Andrew with the latest shennaigans coming from the big house and NPHET. 

News:  Andrew is here to tell us that they inability to get accurate figures is jumped on by certain meatheads to tell us that the numbers are going down.  No understanding but lots of mouth.  That’s the way it works in this land.  We are bumping along at 4,500 cases a day and still awaiting the arrival, the inevitable arrival of Omicron.  Positivity is up at 16% again, and we have only one confirmed case of Omi.  But it’s spreading in the UK and will be in the North.  So Christmas will bring with it this, and we think that the R value is 3.5 – 4. Althrough it is hard to get hard data and do comaprisons at this stage.  The Oslo restaurant is a scary story that you should be aware off.  Andrew explains the governments botched attempt at muzzling NPHET, so we are expecting that they might allow our Public Health Experts hold a press conference in these uncertain times. 


Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


    1. Fridge  —>  Tone Guitar and Drum Noise 
    2. Chris Clark ––> Slow Spines
    3. Little Simz  —> Two Worlds Apart
    4. Clark ––> Bench 
    5. Beverly Glenn-Copeland ––> Sunset Village
    6. Helado Negro ––> Hometown Dream
    7. Daniel Avery ––> Quick Etnerity 
    8. Gill Scott Heron —> I’m new here [Makaya McCraven mix]
    9. Makaya McCraven —> The Royal Outro 
    10. Johnny Jones & The King Casuals ––> Purple Haze
    11. Photek —> Into The 90’s 
    12. Rob —> Clubbed To Death [Darkside] 12”
    13. Easy Star All Stars —> Us & them – Dub side of the Moon  
    14. Terry Callier —> Love Theme from Spartacus
    15. Gil Scott-Heron ––> My Cloud

News at 75 mins  – see above for what’s covered

16. Stereo MC’s —> What is Soul Pt.1 [edit]



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