GOTW Plague Tapes #118

Monday  13th  Dec.  22.02hrs 

Plague Tapes #118

A dark Monday in December, and Dr. Groove tries to bring you a musical prescription bringing you the introduction about LOVE and other postive words ending in ‘ion’.

James Baldwin “ And love will simply have no choice but to go into battle with space and time, and furthermore, to win.

News: Andrew tells us that the news does not look good.  We are dealing with the 4th Wave of Delta, but the data on Omicron – saw Denmark go from 3 -> 581 in 10 days.  Scotland went from 9 cases to over a 100 in a week and it is not in lockdown [ Dr. Groove throught they were in this news edition] – even though it is looking at introducing stricter measures to deal with a ‘tsuanmi of omicron cases’ as per Nicola Sturgeon.  We go back in time to June and the idea of how to deal with delta and Covid 19 became endemic.  We are now going to deal with ‘parallel surges’ one being delta, one being Omicron.  4,500 cases, 1.3% hsopitalisation of cases and we await the new variant, which always appears as quite for a while and then a line that shoots up.  Pehaps it would be a good idea to have NPHET do a press confernece where questions like this can be asked and we can try and find out what is going on.  

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


      1. Holy Fuck ––> 1MD
      2. Michael Kinwanuka ––> I’ve been Dazed 
      3. Sockethead  —> When I Close My Eyes I See Paint
      4. LCD Soundsytem  ––> [We Don’t Need This ] Fascist Groove Thang 
      5. Pause – Neil Cowley  ––> Stand Amid the Roar 
      6. Faye Webster  ––> Somethimes
      7. Perfume Genius —> No Good  
      8. ESG —> Moody 
      9. Sahara All Stars Band Jos. —> Enjoy Yourself 
      10. Depth Charge ––> Nova Wave 
      11. DJ  Shadow  —> Midnight in a Perfect World 
      12. Madlib —> Chino 
      13. Depth Charge —> Skanning Pattern 
      14. Radiohead —> True Love Waits 
      15. Freddie Hubbard ––> Red Clay 

News at 77 mins  – see above for what’s covered

16. Stereo MC’s —> What is Soul Pt.1 [edit]



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