GOTW Plague Tapes #119

Saturday  18th   Dec.  17.00hrs 

Plague Tapes #119

Any dry Sunny morning in December, you got to welcome, and Dr. Groove took this bright start as a chance to get this show together.  It turned out to be a show of two halves of the one whole show, or at least two sets within in that show, and there you go.  Dr. Groove had a few drinks listening to Jack McGowan in Beginning To End.  After our oranges and refeshments at the break, we start the second half, with a warm up – Beverly Glenn Copeland’s Slow Dance starts you off.  Bring the others in your bubble into the dance around the kitchen dresser, collective movement leads to the palace of bemusment, and we all need to go there once in a while. 


Jack McGowan in Beginning to End


News:  Andrew was dragged away from the twitter wars to bring the rest of us up to speed with the Covid-19 / Omicron Xmas wave.  It is getting worse – so don’t be fooled by the low cases yesterday, of 3,628, as if three and half thousand cases is low, then we also had 5,124 postive swabs and an increase of 116% on last Friday’s figures.  Then, Andrew illuminates what we are beginning to know about Omicron.  The top trump that appears to be emerging is how much fitter [Iller / more contagious] it is.  We talk about the alarming data emerging in the UK with their 98,000 cases yesterday.  Yet with all this data, we stumble on, in a media black out, and close the pubs at 8 bells, and rock on towards Christmas.  

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


        1. Madlib   —>  There is no Time [Prelude]
        2. Transglobal Underground —> I, Voyager [Shamiana Mix] 12” 
        3. SAULT ––> You From London [Feat. Little Simz] 
        4. Madlib ––> Two for 2 – For Dilla 
        5. Luke Abbott ––> White Box
        6. Youth Team ––> Divine Camberra
        7. The Bug ––> Vexed [Feat. Moor Mother]
        8. Neil Cowley —> Just Above it All
        9. Faye Webser ––> A Dream with a baseball player
        10. Beverly Glenn-Copeland ––> Slow Dance 
        11. DJ Archaea ––> Bandwagon Esq. [ Facta Remix]
        12. Atfisa Letyago —> Fuga
        13. Overmono ––> So U Know 
        14. nowsm ––> Fabrika
        15. Jam & Spoon ––> Stella [Moby’s Spririt remix] 12”

News at 80 mins  – see above for what’s covered

16. Stereo MC’s —> What is Soul Pt.1 [edit]



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