GOTW Plague Tapes #82

Friday, 12th Feb  2021 -> 22.30hrs

Plague Tapes #82

The winds the winds they do blow, and our minds are blown by the leaders talking about ‘there is little point in opening up for three weeks if you have to shut everything down again after that’.  Wow!  Tis a great pity you didn’t think of that in early December.

Settle in, make yourself a good Cupán Tae and listen to the good music for an hour or so, and then catch up with the news as we continue to count the cost of those 3 weeks.  This is going to be what its like for a the next while, so settle in, and do the right thing. 

Whipping Boy

News:  details below -> At 72 Mins


  1. Badly Drawn Boy ––> Body Rap
  2. Badly Drawn Boy —> Once Around The Block
  3. Stevie Wonder  ––> He’s Misstra Know-It-All 
  4. Charlie Parker Quintet—> Now’s the time 
  5. Kamasi Washington  ––> Integrity  
  6. Whipping Boy  —> Fly
  7. Brian Eno  —> Under [From Cool World] Film Music 
  8. Laura Marling  —> Hope We Meet Again 
  9. Jedi Knights —> One for M.A.W
  10. Chaser —> Life in Louisaida  [Soma]
  11. Aphex Twin —> Untitled Saw SAW 2 CD1 [Four Tet Remix]
  12. Mr. Scruff —> Shrimp 
  13. Big Thief —>  Mythological Beauty 

News: At 72 Mins

14. Brian Eno ––> Top Boy Theme

15. Fontaines DC ––> I Don’t Belong Here

News:  Andrew brings us details of the war against Covid 19.  January and February has now seen 1569 people dead as a result of the surge that happened for the three weeks of trade for Christmas.  B117 variant is the dominant variant, and we are sequencing 10% of cases now.  Again we are hearing the border between us and Norther Ireland being used as an excuse to not take decisive action.  A good analogy is to compare this to a fire, rather than a flood.  The Govenment keep dealing with it like a flood, and clearning up afterwards, but it is mor comparable to a fire, which you should extinguish rather than allow it to smolder and ignite again.  Vaccine news is at the end, and we breakdown how that is going to roll out. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove 

Brian Eno


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