GOTW Plague Tapes #83

Saturday 20th Feb. 15.00hrs

Plague Tapes #83

The wild wet winds of early spring sweep through the land as we bring you this show.  Lockdown is on and will continue, so Dr. Groove just keeps on doing his best.  No expertise in how to get through these unpredcedented times, but music and poetry are great ways to seek transcendence.   Andrew Weatherall is 12 months gone on Friday and we miss his poetic soul and gnostic ways.  

Murakami -> open your hands wide embrace happiness

News:   Andrew brings us the news about the slowing down of our reduction thanks to the ‘fitter’ better working variant called B117 -> Boris variant of Covid19 now accounting for 90% of all new cases.  We have daily case count up around 800 a day, on Thrusday it was 780.  So our lockdown is working against the old common or garden variants, like the Spainish one which people brought into us in the summer of 2020, but Boris variant is just better at infecting people.  So it can infect up to 25% of contacts whereas the old one used to be getting to 12-15% of contacts.  So less forgiving and more hence the slow down in the reduction, leading to us being in this until May. Andew also tells us about vaccine role out and the curious tale of the slides that were not meant for our eyes, called the Vulnerable Period Ahead (VPA).  We are in the VPA now…

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Jaimie Branch  ––> Birds of Paradise
  2. Beatrice Dillon —> Workaround four
  3. Aphex Twin  ––>  Xtal  [1993]
  4. Monolake —> Plumbicon [Deadbeat remix 2020]  from XLR8R 
  5. Decal  ––> Freakin’ Empires 
  6. Link Wray  —> 5-10-15-20 
  7. Bo Diddley   —> Who do you love? 
  8. Benjamin Zephaniah —> Naked 
  9. Burial —>  Chemz 
  10. DJ Koze —> Lord Knows 
  11. Billy Cobam  —> A Funky Kind of Thing  

News at 76 mins – see above

12. Two Lone Swordsmen  —> Not the worst I’ve ever looke, just the most I’ve ever cared [Remix Lali Puna]


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