GOTW Plague Tapes # 85

Friday 5ht March  17.00hrs

Plague Tapes #85

We go back, music, a worm hole in time, the little plink of a xylephone, and I am back to 

“Steppin out into the light…” Joe Jackson was someone who came across as leading an exotic life out there in the big city, but had once been like me / you  – watching life pass you by from the window seat on your street.

A bit like life in Lockdown, ain’t it…

News: As always Andrew has been closely following all that is happening in the world of Covid 19 in Ireland.  So cases bumping along at 536 – five day average, and we have slightly better lowering rate.  But we are doing better this week than last week.  The 14 day incidence went under 200 in the last few days, and we havce 303,000 people vaccinated thus far.  We are seeing a reduction in the cases per 100k in Northern Ireland, and this is believed to be due to the vaccination roll out in NI, being a positive effect due to large vaccine roll out up there.  Andrew then brings us through the problems of vaccine roll out, and the three issues that you are trying to juggle.  The other matter of interest is a case study from Galway -about how B117 started out in 4 cases in 4 households back on the 9th of Feb, and spread to create 497 cases, and 20 clusters, 86 households, and 177 cases on the 1st March.  This shows us how effective the contact tracing system is and they have manged to suppress it.  But what it also shows is how infectious the Boris B117 variant is. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove




  1.  Dan Auerbach ––> King of a one horse town
  2. Ty —> Somehow, Somewhere, Someway (feat. Uma Binn Hassan) 
  3. Laura Marling  ––> Strange Girl 
  4. Hypnotic Brass Ensemble —> Lead the way
  5. John Cooper Clarke —> A Heart Disease Called Love 
  6. Joe Jackson —> Steppin Out 
  7. Matthew Halsall —> The Energy of Life 
  8. Blanck Mass —> Detritus
  9. Luke Abbott —> Untitled
  10. Hoirzon (Edit)  —> Theo Parrish
  11. Nick Drake —> Way to Blue
  12. Solkatt —> Tsuzmi 
  13. DJ Koze —> Club der Ewigkeiten
  14. SAULT —> Miracles 

News at 69 mins – see above

15. Bicep   —> Apricots


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