GOTW Plague Tapes #86

Friday  12th March  19.30hrs

Plague Tapes #86

Eighty six- that’s how many we did in a year, so that question has been answered in all the uncertainty.  We have news.  This is going out later on Friday, because Andrew wanted to incorporate the most up to date figures.  It was a blustery day out there – but we are closer to the end of this than we were on the 12th March 2020.   Exercise helps as does music and the music is all over the shop today.  Starting with the Nobel poet / a great song from the most recent album late last year and ending up with some Japanese aural beauty.  This kicks more than I expected, but my advice is go with it and get your exercise in that way.

Banksy Art on Reading Gaol Wall depicting Oscar Wilde escaping


80 Mins in The News: Andrew brings us his latest analysis and there are grounds for concern – with cases being 101% of what they were this time last week, and us still being over or hovering around the 500 cases a day figure.  The return to school maybe a factor, and Nphet is also voicing concerns, possibly in an effort to ensure that we have a swifter decisio from ‘our great leaders’ if things continue in this way.

Also, there is a bit of a feedback loop with the return to school, there comes pressure to return to work, and now we are hearing that 60% are now back in work.  So whether the rise is come from work or coming from schools or coming from community, we must realise that we are at 500 cases per day and this has the potential to spin rapidly beyond our control.  Andrew explains some news around the vaccine and herd immunity thanks to figures emerging from Isreal.  At the end there is discussion about what the vaccine roll out is going to look like ‘IF’ it follows what has been promised in terms of deliveries. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Bob Dylan  ––> My Own Version of You
  2. Billy Cobham  —> Searching for the right door
  3. Billy Cobham —> Spectrum
  4. Sabres of Paradise —> Smokebelch II [Flute Mix] 
  5. Red Snapper —> 4 Dead Monks 
  6. Roy Ayers —> The Old One, Two [Move to the Groove]
  7. The Believers —> Who Dares To Believe In Me [Original Mix] 
  8. Two Lone Swordsmen —> Kicking In Part 3
  9. Black Science Orchestra —> New Jersey Deep 
  10. Mask & Gang Related —> Dictation 
  11. Rebel MC —> Rich are getting Richer [Orchestral Instrumental from 12”] 
  12. Daniel Avery —> Darlinn
  13. DJ Koze —> Club Der Ewigkeiten (Edit)
  14. Asa Chang & Junray —> Hana


News at 80 mins – see above

15. Double Dee & Steinski   —> woke up


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