GOTW Plague Tapes #88

Saturday  27th March  14.00hrs

Plague Tapes #88

The joy in life, we must continue to search for it.  Continue to do things that spark joy and bring it into your life.  That’s what music does and it is why I did a mix of ambient acid exoitca – or whatever this week.  That will go up as a mix on mixcloud later, but firstly  the show.  Music and survival skills and wisdom of a man who came back from the world of the dead.  

Build optimism into the day, one thing, no matter how small, that is good and you can be proud of, he tells us.  

Sound advice  

The News  

Andrew tells us where we are in the Covid wars.  Bumping along at a five day averag of 552, and knowing that we have a positive R factor of over 1, but its the rate of increase that appears at this stage to be containable.  Things are on a knife edge, really.  Schools are opening up fully, post Easter, and we have a vaccination program that is continue to work, and it is ramping up.  We talk about other headlines this week, Bojo and his Capitalism and Greed lesson that was his take away, and the indefensiable actions of the Beacon.   Also we delve into what exactly has been going on with Astra Zeneca and what lessons can we draw from how we have seen this play out…

Come let us build ourselves a city…. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove 


  1. Aphex Twin  ––> Cliffs 
  2. Jabir  —> Vuelo Por Las Alturas De Xauen 
  3. Arrangement —> Coconut Mango
  4. Ex: Re —> The Dazzler 
  5. Javier Segura —> Malagueñas 2
  6. Daniel Avery —> Into the arms of Stillness
  7. Autechre —>si00
  8. Boards of Canada —> Gemini
  9. Gavin Bryars —> Raising the Titanic – [Aphex Twin Remix]
  10. Makalya Craven —> Black Lion [Feat. Dezron Douglas] 
  11. Esplendor Geométrico —> Sheikh
  12. Mark Pritchard —> Dawn of the North
  13. Sigur Rós —> Hvalir Í Útrýmingarhættu (Liminal Remix)
  14. Mark Pritchard —> Come Let Us [Feat. Gregory Whitehead]

News at 77 mins – see above

15. The Pillow Queens –> Holy Show


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