GOTW Plague Tapes #89

Friday  02 April   20.00hrs

Plague Tapes #89

Good Friday, 2021, and Dr. Groove is putting together another Plague Tapes for you people.  Public service broadcasting continues, and Dr. Groove got dressed up today for no apparent good reason.  He also cleaned the windows, walked some dogs, and went for a cycle, but the important thing was he got together a show, and Andrew did the news.  Now you can hear it, get it into you, download it into your head…


The News  

Andrew tells us about being right slap bang in the middle of them there vulnerable times ahead.  For the next six weeks, we really need to walk a tightrope – opening up schools, but also crucially not losing the run of ourselves, as we really need to maintain it at the present case level and for it not to go up significantly, because that will only mean further lockdowns and this thing dragging on into the winter.  Look at what is going on in France and Hungary and Czech republic, if you want to see something go out of control. 

5 day average cases is 536,  R is at about 1 to 1.2, and Andrew takes us through some of the NPHET models.  We delve into the history of the set up for the EU on a neo-liberal model which was more about creating markets, than it was about creating a Europe for the people.  That direction, has led to 610,000 dead due to Covid in the EU.  It is also why our great leaders are coming up on the one year anniversary of NPHET calling for a quarantine system, and we still don’t have one in place.  It is in the vaccine that we trust, not in these clowns who display startling ignorance and trot out ratlicker lines to the media. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


    1. Roni Size ––> Only A Dream
    2. Moodyman   —> Mahogony Brown
    3. Kevin Sheilds —> Ikebana  [From the OST to Lost in Translation]
    4. First Priority —>  Pure Arithmetic [White label] 
    5. Cornelius —>   Another View Point 
    6. Ali Farka Touré  —> Allah Uya
    7. Talk Talk  —>  April 5th 
    8. Sebastien Tellier  —> Fantino 
    9. Dj Koze —>   Muddy Funster –
    10. Youth Team —> Elegant Lady
    11. Placebo —> Running up that Hill
    12. R+R=Now —>  Been On my Mind (Live)
    13. Octagon Man —> Small edit
    14. Billy Bragg —> Levi Stubbs Tears 

News at 71 mins – see above

15. Solkatt  ___> Interlude


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