GOTW Plague Tapes #92

Saturday  24th April 17.00hrs

Plague Tapes #92

I saw a Guard pour a fellow’s pint down the drain, there on Thursday.  I know there’s reasoning behind it, but it is a step too far for this old anti-authoritarian.  It jarred with me!

When the plague drags on and on and nothings right

And you need a soothing balm for all the pain

When lockdown looks dark as the worst winters night

Then the guard pours your pint down the drain 


When the sun glistens on the the canal

And you need to talk to others just to stay sane

When your lonely and in need of a pal 

Then the guard pours your pint down the drain 


When your minds not right and you feel the full of yer age 

And your face shows the stress that you do contain

When you need to breakout to be free of the cage

Then the guard pours your pint down the drain. 


Caribou remixes image

The News  

Andrew brings the news that we had unoffical vaccines yestereday of 42,000 and the 5 day case average is creeping up to 448, and the 7 day average is up at 110% rather than 88%.  So all this means is that we are seeing the curve go up, and that is always a concern, coming as it does in this vulnerable period ahead.  It appears that this is in relation to workplace outbreaks, the essential work being carried out by intel has led to workers there becoming infected, and that is a big plant and has an impact on all the surrounding counties.  Finally, the figures coming from out of the North of Ireland are encouraging as the NI statistics are showing that excess deaths are going down, and have been since 28th Feb.   They are now at almost 50% vaccination, but it does show we are closing in on emerging from here.  We just gotta get through the new few weeks of the VPA. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove 



  1. Slint ––> Good Morning, Captain…[Remastered] 
  2. The Outlaw Blues Band  —>  Deep Gully
  3. The Blackbyrds—>Rock Creek Park 
  4. Herbie Hancock —> 
  5. New Order —> Age of Consent
  6. Sousiex & the banshees —> Hong Kong Gardens
  7. Guy Called Gerald —> Survivial 
  8. Antonelli Electr —> Introducing : Unemployment 
  9. Caribou —>  Sunny’s Time (Prince Nifty Saddle Up Mix)
  10. Bicep —> Aura – from the Live Gig back in Feb.

News at 65 mins 

11. One String Sam —>  I need one hundred dollars 


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