GOTW Plague Tapes #93

Saturday  1st May 17.00hrs

Plague Tapes #93

Love – is the answer – and it’s the path that scares them the most.  Those who are dead already, those who disturst all, and adore the flashy gods of power and paper money, profits, and who posess these trinkets have no knowlege of how to live – because they know not how to love.  

The things of this world

Exist, they are;

You can’t refuse them.

To bear and not to own;

to act and not lay claim; 

to do the work and liet it go:

for just letting it go

is what makes it stay.

Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching: A book about the Way and the Power of the Way, trans. Ursula K. Le Guin. 

Musically we start in Tombouctou, and we end in a dark garden in Gethsemane, where else would you get it?  Which reminds me to ask you to Rate –  the show because apparently that will draw more people into the show, the Plague Tapes Collective will grow stronger and we can shock this nation with the power of love.  Ya know what I mean!



Andrew brings us the nerws, and we even have readers questions.  Firstly we give you the status, which is very consistent, at a 5 day average of 450, last week 448, and 7 day % of 107% and a R rate of about 1.1.  We have the decisions to open things up a bit, strating with intercounty travel and hairdressers and outdoor stuff on 10th May, and then – June the 7th and then more at the start of July.  It is predicted that we will see a managable rise in R along the way, with an ability to get up to 1200 cases a day, and we apprarently have the headroom in the system to deal with that.  There is talk about the vaccination roll out, and what are proving diffculties and the limitations of using the ambulance service to get to ther over 70’s.  Finally we get around to deal with our listeners questions in relation to two matters 

  • 1. B1617 -> Also Known as the Indian Variant
  • 2. HSE – Walking Test Centres – which are being operned up again and the rational behind them.

We are day 27 of the 42 in the vulnerable period ahead and we are doing well.  That’s the lead item here. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove



  1. Le Mysteré Jazz De Tombouctou —>  Leli 
  2. Yuseff Lateef —>  The Tree Faces of Balal
  3. Philip Cohran and the Artists —> The African Look
  4. Duke Ellington —> Creole Love Call
  5. Floating Points & Pharaoah Saunders and the London Symphony Orchestra —> Promises Movement 7
  6. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds —> Bright Horses 
  7. Curtis Mayfield —> Love to the People 
  8. Close —> My Way Feat. Joe Dukie
  9. Funkadelic —> Hit it and Quit
  10. Double Dee & Steinski —> Far Country
  11. Roy Ayers —> Running Away 
  12. Burial —> Dark Gethsemane 

News at 74 mins

13. Youandewan —>  93


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