GOTW Plague Tapes #94

Saturday  8th May 21.00hrs

Plague Tapes #94

A long overdue investment in a good microphone brought innovation and the ability to plug directly into the mixer,  which will mean that Dr. Groove can record a show from beginning to end utilising all the formats, from digital, CD’s and of course the best, the sublime sound of vinyl.  This is exciting news.  But it comes with a price.  The audible learning process; the is this on, or do  I need to flick that switch, maybe I need to  crossfade over, put this channel live, and all that malarkey.  The great John Peel did it and so Dr. Groove will  follow suit.



Andrew brings us the news as we close in on the end of the vulnerable period ahead, day 34 of the 40.  You can guess it at this stage, about 434 cases yesterday, and a 5 day average of 416.  Another week where we are looking a slow decline at about 10% when we look at the 7 day case averages.  We have vaccinated about 25%of our population.  Yesterday there were 46,000 vaccinations that took place.  The deliver of much of the Q2 schedule came in late and it means that they are working through the big batches that arrive in at the end of a quarter, but still keeping it up there at 97% usage and distribution which is great.    The B16172 – yes that variant again, has moved up the charts to a ‘viariant of interest’ in the UK, and could well become a ‘variant under investigation’ as they had 48 clusters there and cases went from 202 over 520 in the past week.  It is still no time to be complacent – as the spread in Nenagh shows, one indoor party and it spread through the community rapidly.  Finally we finish with the antigen tests available in Lidl, which Tony in NPHET keeps the advice simple for us all, don’t buy them, don’t use them.  I would’ve loved if he had added ‘Capeesh’. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove



  1. Fridge —> Five Four Child Voice 
  2. Kate Bush —> .Cloudbusting 
  3. Spacemen 3 —> When Tomorrow Hits
  4. Illdependents —> Move It On
  5. Anceyalone Feat. Abstract Rude —>  b-boy Real McCoy  
  6. The Pharcyde —> Passing Me By
  7. Waclaw Zimple —> Release (feat. Wojciech Traczyk & Holly Hock)
  8. Ali Farka Toure —> Beto
  9. Youth Team —> Plural Hemp 
  10. Boards of canada —> Happy Cycling
  11. Radiohead —> Videotape 

News at 67 mins

12. Aim  —>  Underground Crownholders


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