GOTW Plague Tapes #96

Wednesday 26th May 2021 – 17.00hrs 

Plague Tapes #96

Stuck together between packing for a break to the west and we don’t move anywhere without much baggage.  The show has plenty of Marvin Gaye – as the man 50 years ago produced one of the greatest albums ever, and captured that time – 1971 – where folks were walking through shattered dreams, and the same worries about the planet and blasted dreams surround us.  Then we follow that up with a mix – aimed at getting you boppin & poppin your way through the endgame of the pandemic.  And then the news follows 

Robinson, Markey; Country Town; Queen’s University, Belfast;


News:  Andrew brings us up to speed about the Covid battles – and with the data that is to hand.  411 – 5 day case average – 433 – 7 day case average – increasing slightly.  So every day like this is good as the vaccination program rolls out to the 45-50 year old age co-hort.  There is some discussion about the B1.617.2 as it appears to be able to out compete the old kent Boris variant – but it still accounts for less than 8% of the cases here according to the data.  But it [17.2] appears to be able to infect people even after they get one shot of the vaccine, and it appears to be more infectious.  So think of it like this – Covid 19 – early variant – about 15% of close contacts, B117 – 30% of close contacts, B1.617.2 – about 50% of close contacts.  The UK – and their obsession with dates and not data means they ploug on with opening up, pubs being open now, but at the same time are wrestling with increases in B1.617.2.  We will observe with interest how that goes.  There is more details on the Vaccine roll out operation which is impressively reaching nearly 300,000 people a week now.  Finally there is some news about the great break up of Bojo and Dom.  Mr. Cummings is revealing all about the old Etonian’s willingness to sacrafice lives for an open economy.  Amazingly we will watch to see if the truth about this clown will have an impact on his popularity which is up at 70%, we are being told. Go figure.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Marvin Gaye   —> Mercy Mercy Mercy
  2. Terrence P{arker   —> Soul Pidgeon
  3. Neville Brothers —> Yellow Moon
  4. Fat Boy Slim —> Weekend Starts here
  5. Idris Mohammad —> Loran’s Dance
  6. The JB’s —> Blessed Blackness
  7. [Dr Groove Mix May2121]    starts ->Amerigo Gazaway —> “T” Plays it cool Loop [Interlude]
  8. Marvin Gaye —> Inner City Blues (Soul Keita Edit)
  9. Felix Laband —> Red Berets
  10. MDU aka TRP —> Suhubu (main mix)
  11. Nicholas Jaar —>  Let’s Groove
  12. Roisín Murphy —> We got together
  13. Talking Drums –> C-Lata A
  14. Oby Onyioha —> Enjoy Your Life
  15. DJ Koze —> Club der Ewigkeiten
  16. Superflu —> Jo Gurt (DJ Koze Remix)
  17. Daniel Avery —> Darlinn

News at 77 mins  – see above for what’s covered

15. Autechre  ––> Bike


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