GOTW Plague Tapes #114

Tuesday 16th November ’21  16.00hrs 

Plague Tapes #114

I think we both know that this show starts on a bit of a low – cheerful music with samples of not so bright prospects, with the I’m 49 tune from Paddy McAloon, but we pull the whole thing out of a nose dive.  The healing and fruitful pursuit of music and the act of doing a show, helped me, and I hope it helps you.


News Andrew brings you up to speed with increasing cases and ICU figures whilst the leaders decided to do something, because they cannot keep doing nothing.  Welcome to the great non-exit wave.  This is the place where we hope for a slow down in the rate of increase, but we had 4,570 cases yesterday, and we are thankful that the rate of increase appears to have slowed down, to be 115% as opposed to 150% of the previous week.  Incidence is massive, with over 1000 per 100,000 and 1% of the population over the last 14 days 1% of the poplation have had Covid.  With 93% of the population vaccinated, we are seeing that being vaccinated does not mean that you won’t catch and then spread it.  We believe that it slows down, vaccination but it doesn’t stop it.  Andrew tries to predict where we are heading with this – but remember this at least ‘The worst of the pandemic is behind us’. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove



          1. 1. Paddy McAloon —>  I’m 49
          2. Youth Team —> Fogbank
          3. L.B. Dub Corp —> I have a Dream feat. Benjamin Zephaniah
          4. The War on Drugs —> 
          5. The Beta Band —> Broke 
          6. Stevie Wonder —> As 
          7. Kasai Allstars —> The Large Bird, The Woman And The Baby
          8. Hater –> XL recodings Various Artists – The World Is Gone 
          9. Roisín Murphy —> Something More [Extended Mix]
          10. Super Collider —> Collide n Conquer
          11. Spaceman 3 —> So Hot [Wash Away All My Tears]
          12. Charles Mingus —> Put Me In That Dungeon
          13. Air Lyndhurst String Orchestra —> A Song for Europa

News at 71 mins  – see above for what’s covered

14. Stereo MC’s —> What is Soul Pt.1 [edit]



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