GOTW Plague Tapes #12

Welcome to Plague Tapes #12 – a show which is very low key and Dr. Groove brings to you from Groovetown studios, with not one tune going above 110bpm.  There is a great track from GSYBE! – which comes up entitled ‘Undoing A Luciferian Towers’ – which feels a little like capitalism is undoing itself.  Yet we hear from Andrew that this evil system designed for and by greed heads is still managing to sell to the highest bidder and will still lead to people dying.

We will have to UNDO these Luciferian Towers after the plague!

You can avoid the news section, and just listen to the music, but you should also know what is going on.

Love and rage

Dr. Groove



1. Space Dimension Controller —> Burnout (Dawn)

2.  Two Lone Swordsmen —> Spark

3.  Depeche Mode —> Useless [Kruder & Dorfmeister remix]

4. Nils Frahm —> Sunson

5. Agitation Free —> In the silence of the morning sunrise

6. The Kinks —> Waterloo Sunset

7. Aqua Bassino —> Ibiza

8. Greg Hines —> Digressions

9. Godspeed You Black Emperor! —> Undoing A Luciferian  Towers

10. The War on Drugs —> Thinking of a place

11. Phosphorescent —> Song for Zula

Trigger warning news and talk of C19 with Andrew

12. John Coltrane —> Naima



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