GOTW Plague Tapes #91

Saturday  17th April  21.15hrs

Plague Tapes #91

We sit beneath the cherry blossom and await it to fall on the gentle breeze to our beloved earth.  We don’t but we should.  The music comes from the east – East of here, starting in Germany, then up to Norway, back down to Mali, over to India, staying in India via the Maghreb, back to Germany and then USA for the final straight.  

There is a word, that the Portuguese have, and is ’Saudade’ which is this…

A yearning tinged with resignation and the melancholy you feel longing for some one or some thing or a place that you have lost.  Another line from Richard Powers …

‘You can’t come back to something that is gone’

The recognition of the loss – but the fragments of memory remain.  I have such a place.  It is a summers late evening and I am in the back of my Da’s Morris minor, and we are traversing back back from the west towards home.  I think I had a fever, but my little head is pressed against the window spotting cottages, little places with half doors, and sleeping dogs. Glistening lakes, flat bogs, and silhouettes form in the growing shadows from the trees and the telegraph poles and their wires.  

That is a time and a place that I cannot step back into. 


The News  

Andrew tell us what is going on as we near the second week of the six that make up the vulnerable period ahead.  So the decline in cases continues, although the decline is not as sharp as it was in previous weeks.  We now have a 5 day case average of 381 – which is below the 404 from last week.  The 7 day average of cases is coming in 88% down on last weeks average.  Of course as, soon as as you get good news, there is always some idiocy that is floated like a kite.  So we hear about the Bars are angling to open again, want a date for outdoor dining and then they’ll want indoor dining and then we should all be struck with amnesia about what happened in December when they got their way!  Sweet suffering christ on a bike, this repuiblicoffukt drives me nuts.   

After some jigging around with the vaccines, we completed 34,000 vaccines in one day yesterday, which we believe may be a new record.  We talk about the various vaccines and how they might play out, as in who gets what.  Then we talk a little about supply and touch on the situation in Europe and return to the north as a compartor.  Just because over 40% have a vaccine in them, does not mean restrictions can lift or that folk can, and I am going to use one of my ma’s expressions here ‘ lose the run of themselves.’  Now – you heard it here first.  Hold Tight for all of us, for all of us to get through this together.   We are not holding tight for the bars to open up so that they can get back to fumbling in the greasy till.

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Isolée ––>  Demon   
  2. Prins Thomas —>  Slangemusikk [White label] 
  3. Ala Farka Touré —>Howkouna
  4. Swati Natekar —> Kabhi Unke Milan De Asha Ne [A song from Talvin Singh’s selection on back to mine, described as ‘A romantic masterpeice.  The melody represents the hope the faith and the longing for the beloved.’ 
  5. Ammar 808 —> Marivere gati (feat. Susha)
  6. Underworld —> Blueski
  7. Faust —> Rainy Day Sunshine Girl 
  8. CAN —> Vitamin C – Remixed by Unkle 
  9. Billy Paul —> Me & Mr’s Jones – 7” Single 
  10. Theo Parrish —> Flip the Funk – feat. Rotary Connection
  11. Adelphi Music Factory —>  Uprising [I can’t wait] 


News at 67 mins – see above

12. Jacqueline Taíbe –> 7 Heurs Du Matin


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