GOTW Vol 2.05

Monday 18th April  2022  21.00hrs 

Groove on the Wireless  Volume 2 – show 5

Evening sweeps in and I put this out there for you all to enjoy.  The tail end of Easter, before the return to work.  I started with motivation tunes, aimed at shaking you out of your complacency, and into movement, and that might free up ancillary parts.  Then we go off in another direction. Wiretapper 38 is mentioned, but it is actually 58th edition of that free cd with The Wire.

One hour of good music.  Keep it between the ditches, up the hill backwards, you’ll be okay.

Love & Rage

Dr. Groove


        1. Stevie Wonder   ––> Workout   
        2. The Primitives   —> The Ostrich
        3. Grant Green ––> The Windjammer
        4. Beastie Boys ––> Groove Holmes
        5. Talking Heads ––> No Campassion
        6. Silverbacks ––> A Job Worth Something  
        7. David Bowie ––> Lazarus 
        8. David Bowie ––> Up The Hill Backwards
        9. Rival Consoles ––> OverFlow
        10. Wet Leg ––> Ur Mum
        11. The Blaze ––> Sparks & Ashes 
        12. The Comet is Coming ––> Start Running
        13. Alabaster dePlume ––> Fucking Let Them
        14. Decal ––> This is Law
        15. Stevie Wonder ––> Heaven Help Us All 


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