GOTW Plague Tapes #101

Friday   9th July  9.30am 

Plague Tapes #101

Loud should be the new standard as I found the ‘Record Level’ amongst all the controls and I think it means that people should be able to hear this show, even in the constant winds that prevail on the island.  We have a mellow show, and then we up the pace in the second half.  Playing this one in phases.  Put your dancing boots on for the second half. 

News: The good news is that we are vaccinating people at an amazing rate of 64,000 a day.  The bad news is that Delta is here, and cases are going back up, 125-130% of last week, and a five day case average 488 cases.   But inspite all of this, Andrew is actually calmer, and now feels that everyone has caught up with the realisation of the dangerous times ahead.  Netherlands have had a 600% increase in cases.  In Northern Ireland they went from having half our cases to two and half times our cases now.  So we discuss where we are heading with all of this. 

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove

Love & Rage,

Dr. Groove


  1. Low  —>Always Up 
  2. Blue Nile —> Downtown Lights
  3. Neil Cowley -> Berlin Lights 
  4. SAULT —> Alcohol  
  5. Floating points —> For Marmish Part II 
  6. D’Angelo —> Everybody Loves the Sunshine 
  7. More Rockers —> You’re Gonna (Make Me) [Roni Size & DJ Krust Remix] 
  8. Doc Scott —> Drumz’95 [Nasty Habit Remix]
  9. Andy C & Shimon —> Recharge
  10. Subliminal Cuts —> Le Voie Le Soleil [Way out West Summer of Love Remix]
  11. Ian Simmonds —> Kon 1 [Krause Duo Remix] 
  12. Nouvelle Vague —> Guns of Brixton 

News at 71 mins  – see above for what’s covered

13.Crystal Castles ––> Not in Love Feat. Robert Smith

14. Stereo MC’s —> What is Soul Pt.1 [edit]



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