Groove On The Wireless #131


Regroovable – a new word – spotted on a lorry on a site in east Galway.  It is what happens when Radioactive put up an old show for when the Doctor does not manage to get his act together. But this is a new show – so the usual mix of old tunes, new tunes and rants, but all good music.

Some details are incorrect – a Red Planet track – (classic detroit Techno from Mad Mike Banks & his crew) appears instead of Mouth to Mouth by Audion as originally suggested by your host DJ.  Secondly, it is Christopher O’Reilly , and not  Christopher Nolan (either the Director or the dead poet and/author) that did that album of Radiohead covers.



  • Nancy Sinatra – Bang Bang
  • Kresy – Midnight in Manhattan
  • Red Planet Six –
  • Dionne Warwick & the Spinners – They came you
  • Christopher O’Reilly – Bulletproof
  • The Tame Impalas – Let it happen [Soulwax remix]
  • Stereolab – Super-Electric
  • The Velvet Underground – What goes on
  • Joe Boot & the fabulous winds – Rock n Roll Radio
  • Radiohead – Videotape
  • Roots Manuva – Don’t Breath Out
  • Blind Willie Jefferson – John The Revelator

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