The HMD Radio show 12

Baroness – Jake Leg (Blue Album)
Zombi – Cetus – (Cosmos)
Statics – Arclight (Demo)
Wooden Shjips – Lazy Bones (West)
White Hills – Dead (White Hills)
Torche – Kicking (Harmonicraft)
Danzig – The Hunter (Danzig)
Danzig – Am I Demon (Danzig)
Misfits – Where Eagles Dare (Legacy of Brutality)
Misfits – Mommy Can I Go Out and Kill Tonight
Turbonegro – I Got Erection
Asterisk – Oger Battle – Tribute to queen
Spermbirds – Something to Prove (Something to Prove)
Early Man – Fight (Death Potion)
Black Breath – Sentenced to Life (Sentenced to Life)
Slayer – Hand of Doom (NIB 2)
Xentrix – For whose advantage (For whose advantage)