Hope Show 147 – GabFest 2 Futurama 1981

So we are back – finishing off our chat with Michael Murphy about Futurama 1981. 2 young Dublin Punks venture to England for the first time to see a 2 day festival of punk and post punk acts. Challenging their visions of music and opening up the world of punk rock ingredients as they were amazed by the sounds and vision of the festival.

1. The Sound: Sense of Purpose
2. UK Decay: For My Country
3. The Higsons: I Don’t Want to Live with Monkeys
4. Tymon Dogg (The Clash): Lose This Skin
5. Blue Orchids: Bad Education
6. Ludus: Mother’s Hour
7. Sisters of Mercy: Emma (John Peel session)
8. Bauhaus: The Man with the X-Ray Eyes