Hope Show 151 – Gabfest 4

So for Gabfest *4 myself and Michael have handpicked 10 7″s that inspired a further generation or 2 of musicians

Gabfest is a weekly show where we chat about the course of punk rock and play our songs of the year. 44 years later these songs still sound as fresh as ever

1. Adverts: Looking Through Gary Gilmore’s Eyes

2. Elvis Costello: Watching the Detectives

3. The Clash: Complete Control

4. The Radiators from Space: Television Screen

5. X_Ray Spex: Oh Bondage Up Yours

6. The Damned – Neat Neat Neat

7. Wire – 12XU

8. The Jam – In The City

9. Stranglers – Something Better Change

10. The Runaways – Gotta Get Out Tonight