Hope Show 49 – 2013 in sound

1. Fawnspots – Santa Won’t Get Away With it This year
2. Hooligan – Punk Rock Christmas
3, Hard Skin – Sausage Man
4. King Champion Sounds – free-dum Trail
5. New Model Army – Lean Back and Fall
6. Flies On You – Josephine
7. No Age – Generator
8. Superchunk – Me and You and Jackie Mittoo
9. Glimmermen – This Town
10. Joe Solo – No Pasaran
11. Rvivr – Wrong Way/One Way
12. Off Wi
th Their Heads – Altar Boys
13. Steve Ignorant with Paranoid Visions – Join THe dots
14. The Flatliners – Birds Of England
15. Goldblade – We’re All In It Together
16. Roughneck Riot – Ignorance Is Easy
17. Bl’ast – Sometimes
18. Southport – The Last Time

Open Your Mind
Question Everything

Everyone else is doing it so why don’t we. I have been avoiding the idea of doing a Christmas show with punk rock or off kilter versions of Christmas songs but then realised I cam across a lot of good music this year. SO why shouldn’t I share it. It deserves to be heard. So here goes 2013 in sounds

Fawnspots were a discovery to me, I got their 7″ on Louder than War and finally sent away for their split lp with Cum Stain last month. I got this song off their website as I have played SPanish Glass to bits this year. And sure it is Christmas (joust about).

Seeing as it is Christmas (just about) I’m gonna play one more festive song and it’s Hooligans Punk Rock Christmas. It is Dublin punkers, Hooligan, second release of the year and it continues in the sing along punk vein of their earlier release.

Hard Skin played an eventful gig in Dublin over the Summer. I also interviewed Fat Bob for the show. They have tried to drain as much money out of people as possible by releasing two version of the same lp, on with them singing and then other with guest singers, all women. Punk rock eh?

I’m excited about King Champion Sounds , you may not know them but you should. The service that the members of the band have already given to the Dutch indpependent music scene is beyond compare. The tunes that have passed through those hands are worthy of respect alone. If I was to say De Kift, The Ex, Donkey and you are still unmoved then you will need to move to the next song.

Which is New Model Army. I saw them play live twice this year and interviewed them for the show but it didn’t record so I ended up doing a special on the band. They were amazing, they are still amazing and I’ve no doubt they will continue in that vein.

I’m typing the footnotes out for my show proudly wearing my flies on you tshirt. THey have been an intersting group this year. SOme re-mixes, some oddities and a good album and ep along the way.

I interviewed No Age for the show a while back and that will be online soon. They brught out a new record this year, An Object and I have it as one of their best. great noise.

Superchunk are not quite of New Model Army’s generation but they are not far behind. I saw them in toronto in 1996 and this record is up there. I hate Music is its title but nothing can be further form the truth when Me and You and Jackie Mittoo is on.

Dublin has been good this year for music. Being a father of 3 and 45 years old means I don’t get out as much as when the bass was flung around my shoulder. Glimmermen are of my vintage and brought out an excellent album this year, even did a video to accompany it. This is my Dublin

I love Joe Solo , the respect I have for this man is immense. He was part of Lithium Joe who toured Ireland back in the mid-90’s pitching their power pop to anyone who would listen. The singer went Solo and has been bringing out great records ever since. They are not just records, they are art. They are a part of his life and he is sharing the pain and hope we all feel. The futility of war is never far away in his songs but there’s always hope in there somewhere that we will learn along the way.

I’ve been meaning to check out Rvivr for a few years and with a new album our on Rumbletown i got a chance. The line You’re going the wrong way down a one way street can symbolise many events in my life this year. It just seems so apt, and in a singalong fashion.

Off With Their Heads have been favourites in the Hope house since their first album in 2008. Thankfully Home continues in their fine punk rock sing aliong style.

What can I say about the Steve Ignorant and Paranoid Visions album. One of the best Visions records for sure. Lyrics are spot on relfelctions of todays society and Steve and Deko’s anger complements each other ably supported by Aoife and Sarh. Guitar licks, singlaong choruses – a great punk rock record

Flatliners are another one of those screaming sing along bands that I feel I’m finding more and more prevalent in my listening choice. Songs that mean something and get you moving, a great partnership.

Goldblade have all that and more, slightly more rocky but what a great show they put on. I interviewed John Robb about this record and a lot more earlier in the year. Great news from Christmas is that Goldblade are coming over in February. It’s not an annuaal trip but one well sorth you making the effort for.

I’m cheating with the Roughneck Riot. This album came out last year but I only heard it in August, and hey it’s my show.

Bl’ast’s record came out years ago but was rereleased this year. Again, my rules.

One of my own highlights this year was over in Blackpool for Rebellion festival. There was loads of great bands over the 4 days but me jogging around Blackpool during the day before punk rock proceedings started off was my highlight. That and the fact that I was listening to the Southport album. Album of they year, just about….