Hope Show 51

Wow, nearly a year of shows. Better get something special lined up for next week. Enjoy this weeks tunes

Hope SHow 51

1. Public Image Limited – Poptones
2. Petty Youth – Do Me No Good
3. CHeckpoint – Don’t Give In
4. Bug Central – Teeenage Killers
5. Jello Biafra and the Guantanamo School of Medicine – John Dillinger
6. Dan Le Sac – Four Thousand Thumbnails
7. Lonnie James – Germ free Adolescence
8. Talulah Gosh – Bringing Up Baby
9. Jape – Please Don’t Turn the record off
10. Disappears – New House
11. Menshevik – Draw The Line
12. Anti Product – war is prostitution
13. Rvivr – Big Lie
14. Omega tribe – Duty Calls
15. Bikini Bumps – The Cigarette Butt Fiasco
16. King Champion Sounds – World OF Confusion


I’m starting tonight with PIL. I saw them live last year and they were pretty impressive. This is form their Second Edition lp and is one of the first records that was challenging to listen to for me, but was well worth the challenge when I met it head(phones) on.

Petty Youth are from County Down and have released a few songs recently. This is one of them, Do me no good. Good garage-y sound

Checkpoint are from Dublin and it’s always good to hear decent punk bands from Ireland. We don’t have a very good reputation down South for challenging punk rock tunes. I think that is down to the psyche of the country. We are very much the underdog, ready to take a beating from anyone and accepting of our lot. If Checkpoint were from anothewr country you can be sure they’d have more people interested in their music over here.

Take Bug Central for example. If they were Irish they’d be pretty much ignored. As it is they are not and receive a bit of notoriety oer their punk sound. This is from 2009. The band are still going and long may they do so.

What can I say about Jello? The man is, what the kids say these days, a legend. Still kicking against the pricks, still rebel rousing and long may it continue

Changing the mood a little I’ve picked Dan LE Sac next. I love his ryhming rhythm and attitude to musc. This is a pure dance track but shuold get that body moving. He is playing Dublin in February and his gig last October with Scroobius Pip was a classic.

Lonnie James brought out a cd in the 90’s – this land is your land. Yep it was the Woody Guthrie song and anyone that picks that song can’t be half bad. Another cover on the record was Germ Free Adolescence, the XRAY SPEX Classic.

I thought I was seeing things this week when someone posted up online that Amelia Fletcher received an OBE. Amelia was the lead singer in Talulah GOsh and went on to front Heavenly, Marine Research and Tender Trap. We put them on in Dublin, i think she must be the only knighted person (or whatever it’s called) that we have dealt with. Not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing but if she’s happy then I am too.

If their was an Irish equivalent and awards were given based on music then Richie Egan would get one, Richie is the main man behind Jape and also playes in redneck manifesto and loads of other bands (including starting life out in Blackbelt Jones). An all round good egg.

Ending this calm set is Disappears, from Chicago. This is from their ne lp, era on Kranky Records.

Time to get the punk going again and what better way to do it than with Menshevik. UK hardcore group with their tribute sound to New York Hardcore. Menshevik will be over in Dublin in a couple of weeks in support of their new ep which is out now.

Anti Product are a US hardcore band whose politics are firmly on their record sleeves. Anti-War, anti globalisation and damn angry. Yeah!!

Rvivr are also angry but their songs are far mmore sing along fares. Deadly.

Omega Tribe bopped along with their anarcho-punk sound in the late 80’s. many’s a time have i had my cup of tea singing along to their make tea not war slogans.

Finishing tonight with Bikini Bumps and their cigarette butt fiasco and then King Champion Sounds with their Word of Confusion.

Have a good week