Hope Show 65

Bear Trade are my new favourite band

1. Chad Vangaalen – Where Are You
2. Cavillers – An Article Of Faith
3. Bear Trade – Change
4. Down By Law – Midnight Fighters
5. Superchunk – FOH
6. RVIVR – Ocean Song
7. Sirens And Shelter – See You Soon
8. Pink Mountaintops – Wheels
9. Caves – Build Against
10. Good Throb – Central Line
11. Red Hare – Message To The Brick
12. Propagandhi – Potemkin City Limits
13. The Smith Street Band – Young Drunk
14. Belle And Sebastien – Like Dylan In The Movies
15. Football Etc. – Goal
16. Ladder Devils – Scabby
17. Homebrew – Remote Control
18. Dagda – Under The Wire

It’s been an interesting week for sure. I got to read a couple of fanzines, Positive Creed and Suspect device – both reviewed <a href="culturie.wordpress.com? here I attended Dublin Council of Trade Unions AGm where there was not enough discussion on the relevance of the trade union movement in Ireland and beyond. I atteded a rally in support of the Paris Bakery Workers. These people are accumutaviley owed €66,000 in unpaid wages and their bosses have just walked away, not gone bankrpt or insolvent, just awol. It shows the value of a trade union as I’m sure it wouldn’t have gotten to this point if trade unions were involved. They weren’t and it hasn’t so the workers need all the support they can get.

I went to see Jimmy’s Hall on the warmest day of the year so far. it is a great film and a sign that we can build our dreams but need resolve to keep them alive.

Of course there is music in there everywhere and for me the week is all about the new Bear Trade record. PLEASE listen to it. Magic.