Monday’s Jogging in the Dark Lark Totally Rocked 69 23rd January

On this week’s show I come out…as a jogger.  At 6.20 Monday morning I set out on a 40 minute jog and stuck the phone on random.  I was so impressed with the selections that tonight’s show is the set my phone played, song for song and in order.  I kick things off with a few of my own selections with The Damned, Zen Guerilla and PW Long.  Then it’s the HTC DJ set with Snuff, The Ty Segall Band, Moonhearts, together Pangea, The Soft Boys, Revisions, Lover!, The Saints, The Dictators, The Ramones, Steve E. Nix and the Cute Lepers, Sedatives, The Dickies and then for the warm down, miraculously a bit of PJ Harvey.  Next I decided to play Firehose and Fugazi only to realise that The Minutmen and Minor Threat are equally great if not better bands, so they both get a look in.  Last up it’s a bit of DI, just because it rocks.

If this show makes you want to start jogging, forget about it.  It’s a pain in the face, won’t make you any thinner and is an atrocious thing to do with a hangover.  If you do decide to do it, make sure your phone only has deadly tunes on it and hit shuffle.

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