1. shrine – for aria

2. sutekh hexes & andres liles – we once walked upon these coals

3. araphel – casting the magick circle

4. aderlating & actuary – goat mass

5. gnaw their tongues – frail as the stalking lions

6. mizmor –  a semblance waning

7. gaetir the mountainkeeper – hrafnagaldr odins

8. the vomit arsonist – think god out of existence

9. t.a.f.d – emotive short wave signals

10. t.a.f.d – optigan


To Avoid Further Damage/T.A.F.D  based in the hills of Donegal is the Experimental Ambient solo project of Wandering Aengus (one

half of Electronica duo ‘Shammen Delly’).  To Avoid Further Damage is the sound of perverted saturated memory. Only known releases from To Avoid Further Damage include a remix for Derry based artist

Locky Morris titled Dead On, released on LP funded by VOID Derry in 2014, but a 2017 release is in the works.