Rebel Radio #12

Dance On Maggies Grave!!!

Chaos UK – Maggie

Anti Pasti – No Government

The Threats – Iron Maiden

The Disrupters – State Bootboys

The Levellers – Battle Of The Bean Field

Contempt – Dance On Maggies Grave

Broken Bones – Iron Maiden

Drongos For Europe – Dance When Maggies Dead

Hardskin – Still Fighting Thatcher

Pseudo Sadists – Power Schemes

The Fits – I Hate

Thatcher On Acid – Our Gods Are Falling Down

External Menace – Coalition Blues

Crass – Sheep Farming In The Falklands

The Expelled – Government Policy

Special Duties – Government Policies

Crash – Crash

New Model Army – Spirit Of The Falklands

The Violators – Government Stinks

The Exploited – Maggie

The Beat – Whine And Grine/Stand Down Margaret

Christy Moore – Goose Green