Workers Radio #2 – When Maggie Thatcher Dies

some argue that to celebrate the death of Thatcher is futile.  In this weeks show I let the music speak. Put this on your mp3 device in case of a party. Comments welcome.

Show Notes.
Time: 01h 00m 27s

LFC supporters chant
Bjørge Lillelien – Maggie Thatcher can you hear me?
The Beat – Stand Down Margaret
Margaret Thatcher Dead Parrot
Ricky Tomlinson on Hillsborough & Thatcher
Peter Wylie – The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies
Mock The Week – Margaret Thatcher’s funeral
Billy Bragg – Thatcherites
Morrissey – Margaret On The Guillotine
Dub Syndicate – No Alternative But To Fight
The The – Heartland
Hefner – The day that thatcher dies
Crass – How Does It Feel To Be The Mother Of A Thousand Dead?
Hit Parade – Bad News (extended mix)
IRA tries to Assassinate Margaret Thatcher and her Ministers
The Undertones – It’s Going to Happen!
Elvis Costello – Tramp the Dirt Down
Christy Moore – Goose Green (Taking Tea With Pinochet)
Exploited – Don’t pay the poll tax
Tommy Sheridan
Fine Young Cannibals – Blue