The HMD Radio Show 34

This week i’ve got some new stuff to play from Bray band Hollow Truth, London band Death Ape Disco and a great compilation from Chilean Fuzz. Check the links for more stuff.

Neu! – Super

Wrangler Brutes – shit Search

At Devil Dirt – Falling Down

Chinaski – Raices

Hollow Truth – Prometheus Bound

The Fucking Wrath – Blank Slate

Prophets of Saturn – Tomorrow Never Knows

Baroness – A Horse Called Golgotha

Death Ape Disco – 10,000 years

The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster – Psychosis Safari

Ufomammut – Blind

Winter Hours – the Great Silence

Xentrix – the Human Condition

Orchid –  Capricorn

Lard – They’re coming to take me away


t: @HMDonTheRadio