The HMD best of 2013

In no particular order here’s some of the best songs i heard this year.

Jesu – homesick

Carcass – A Congealed Clot of Blood (Surgical Steel)

Doomriders – Bad Vibes (Grand Blood)

Pelican – Deny The Absolute (Forever Becoming)

Red Fang – Blood Like Cream (Whales and Leeches)

Statics – Pieces of Eight

Vista Chino – Planets 1 and 2 (Peace)

Voivod – Target Earth (Target Earth)

Sandrider – Gorgon (Godhead)

Triggerman – Hail to the River Gods

BAT – Total Wreckage (Demo)

Hollow Truth – With Sword & Salt (Prometheus Bound)

Wolfbait – Antikpitoe (Wolfbait)

Earthless – Violence of the Red Sea