This Disco Humeantes and Tic Tac Totally Show Totally Rocks 21st July

Often times a song from one show will influence the entire next show.  Last week I played a band from the Northern Spanish Garage punk scene by the name of Las Nurses, which reminded me of how much great Northern Spanish garage Disco Humeantes has put out.  So they are responsible for all of the bands in the first half of the show.  Then I noticed that one of my favourite Spanish bands has also released stuff on one of my favourite American labels, Tic Tac Totally, so they are responsible for the second half of tunes.  Tune in for:

Side 1:  Disco Humeantes

Las Nurses

Sonido Alfredo

Los Platanos

Los Steaks

Futuro Terror

Image Makers


Concentration Summer Camps

Fucked Frikis



Mano de Mono

Side 2:  Tic Tac Totally

Snakeflower 2

The Hussy

Test Patterns



Useless Eaters

So Cow

Le Jonathan Reilly

Le Face


Matt K Shrugg

together PANGEA

Frontalni Udar

I didn’t link all the Disco Humeantes bands because the linked bandcamp page has their entire discography available for streaming, download and purchase.  The old Tic Tac Totally page seems to be gone, but the linked page to Midheaven mailorder has everything played on the show as well.

The last two songs I just wanted to play this week for no other reason than they rock.