This Show Totally Rocks Numero 33 – Gigs what I missed and gigs what I may miss in the future


Oh man, this week I pulled out all the stops, and by stops I mean cans.  Things kick off with a bit of Thee Oh Sees who I missed in Whelans last week (I believe they were amazerbeams, but I was having pints in the sun so I’m not kicking myself too hard), then on to The Men (who I also missed last year, for undoubtedly less salubrious reasons), San Diego’s Spider Fever, a new find from  Obits (thanks to Spotify), The Big Boys, Dan Sartain (another missed gig that was supposed to be great), The Spaceshits (another recent spotify find), The Dead Boys and then a bit of mid-seventies Detroit’s favourite sons  Death.  The second half of the show starts with some Wigging out with a capital Wig.  Comets on Fire, Fuzz, Blue Cheer and The Datsuns all kicking out the serious jams before local up and comers  The Run Ons bring the focus back to this Saturday’s line-ups of bands and gigs in Dublin.  Following the suit of just about every other vaguely punk DJ in Ireland this week  Subhumans and Conflict get a bit of air time ahead of their gig in the Button Factory.  Rounding things off are a bit of  Misfits and Bad Religion, before finishing with a bit The Specials who played two nights in Dublin this week and are always very good.  Alright, that’s your lot.  Stick it on, play it loud!!!