Supporting the Crowbar Totally Rocks 57 24th October

The Crowbar in Groningen was recently slapped with two hefty fines for playing live music.  The Crowbar brings something important and exciting to the local artistic and cultural landscape and attracts a fantastic variety of people.  It is an asset to the city of Groningen and should be treated as such.  This show is dedicated to supporting the Crowbar.

How else could you possibly start this show if not with Breaking the Law from Fleas and Lice? It works on so many levels.  Next up is the first tune I played the first time I was in the Crowbar and was given access to the stereo.  This is an unreleased version of one of the first Moutpiece songs we ever learned.  Of course Nobby Noxious and the Impregnators are next because the whole reason I was ever in the Crowbar was because we were on tour with them (and they were great) .Next up its 3 bands who have played the Crowbar and been filmed doing it by Crowbarpunx:  De Fuckups, Insomnio, The Brutal Knights.  Brimstone Howl were the first band to ever play the Crowbar and then its a bit of Jack Oblivian.   Green Hornet are playing tomorrow night with Harlon T. Bobo for the Benefit gig so they both get played.   Next it’s two bands that played Nathalie’s birthday a couple of years ago The Red Dons and Victims and then it’s on to  The Restarts and Found on the Floor.  The New Bomb Turks never played the Crowbar and The Hex Dispensers haven’t either, but Eric Davison DJ’ed an after party there and The HD had a before and after party there last time they played The Vera. Lover! are up next and then it’s  Tumblin Gogo’s who are playing the next Crowbar benefit in November.  The last two are both bands who’s members played solo-ish gigs in the Crowbar.  First Steve Lake’s  Zounds and last Kepi Ghoulie’s  Groovy Ghoulies.  That’s about all there is time for.

If you would like to sign the petition against the fines go here.  If you live anywhere near the Crowbar go there.  If you love live music, if you love a variety of music and the different people it draws, if you love having a few pints, if you love Nathalie and Esther and all involved in the day to day of the bar- SUPPORT THE CROWBAR.